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The Green Peel Classic - Services & Packages

The Green Peel Classic

Options available:

  • The Green Peel Classic - $500
  • The Green Peel Classic Series (3 Treatments) - $1200

The Green Peel Classic for complete skin rejuvenation.  The process takes five days including two visits.  The peeling effect completely rejuvenates the skin after two to three days.  To support the process, specialized Green Peel homecare set products are applied to the skin at home over the next few days to ensure proper care of the skin post peel.  Return on the fifth day for a final facial treatment to reinforce the treatment and protect the skin.   This treatment is ideal for anyone with heavy impurities, enlarged pores, visible lines and wrinkles, age spots or pigmentation issues, scarring, tired dull skin, or sagging skin.

The results are beautiful skin after one treatment.  See amazing results with a series of three treatments.