Hours of Operation

Tuesday10am - 7pm
Wednesday10am - 6pm
Thursday10am - 7pm
Friday10am - 7pm
Saturday8am - 4pm

Massage and Body Treatments - Services & Packages

Swedish/Aromatherapy Massage - Starting at $45

Specifically selected essential oils are massaged into your skin. This custom treatment can calm, revitalize and heal while it improves circulation and releases toxins. Read More...

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage - Starting at $55

Our deep tissue massage (aka: deep muscle massage) is given with slow strokes and deep finger pressure on your specific muscle areas and specific aches. Read More...

Hot Stone Massage - Starting at $60

Specialty massage using heated smooth river stones promotes deep relaxation and helps restore a calm mind and feeling of well-being. Read More...

Prenatal Massage - Starting at $50

A massage tailored to relax the Mommy-to-be. Our special pregnancy pillow aides in the comfort and relaxation of our special guests allowing her to lay on her tummy. Something only an expectant mother can appreciate! Read More...

Reflexology - Starting at $50

Specific pressure is applied to the hands and/or feet without the use of oils or lotions. Read More...

Sea Salt Body Glow - $90

An ideal treatment before any massage or any time your skin is feeling dry and rough. Read More...

Seaweed Wrap - $125

The body is wrapped in nature's whole food: seaweed, which helps balance the skin.